van Meeuwen


We have been distributors in the Benelux for the products of Bel-Ray Company Inc. for more than 50 years. This company has grown into a leading producer of speciality lubricants.

In the late 1960s, founder Bill Kiefer developed premium quality lubricants for mining equipment. Then, in the 1970s, Bel-Ray entered the motor sports market. Its product line of performance-enhancing durable oils and greases for motorcycles and other high-speed vehicles laid the foundation for ground-breaking innovations and success. Bel-Ray acquired a solid reputation and presence in the world of motocross and motorcycle racing. In manufacturing, people also began to notice the outstanding performance of Bel-Ray’s products.

New technologies quickly led to the development of a wide range of non-toxic, food-grade H1, HT1 and 3H lubricants, cold mediums and release agents. Continuous research and practical testing has allowed Bel-Ray to extend its product range with bio-degradable, eco-friendly lubricants, applicable in all imaginable situations and operating conditions.


  • (Synthetic) oils, greases and dry lubricants
  • A full line of NSF H1, HT1 and 3H lubricants, cold mediums and solvents for the food industry
  • Bio-degradable range of eco-friendly lubricants
  • Lubricants for extremely heavy-duty conditions and applications, and extended service life