At Van Meeuwen, we are committed to providing top-quality lubricants and maintenance products. We scour the world so that we can offer our customers the best price/performance.

Our range does not only consist of our own brands, but we also collaborate with leading foreign manufacturers of specialty lubricants.

Using the most suitable lubricant will bring you immediate benefits. It makes the difference between a production stoppage or continuous operation. Between unwelcome setbacks or greater efficiency. No one is longing for downtime and wear and tear of machines and components.

In practice, we see that the right lubricant and the right frequency results in considerably fewer breakdowns.

The most important advantages of a well-selected lubricant are:

  • Longer service life of machines and components
  • Continuity of production
  • Reduced consumption and stock of lubricants
  • Reduces costs and time required for repairs or lubricant changes
  • Considerable energy savings