Food grade anti-foaming agent

Food grade anti-foams & defoaming agents for food processing

If you are active in food processing industry, you may have some foaming issues. Foam is arising from a combination of starch and / or protein in water based production steps. Turbulent process water, agitated by strong pumping systems will lead to annoying bubbles and a thick foam buildup. In other words – FOAM.

Foam can be controlled by using anti-foams and / or defoamers. By the way – the terms anti-foam and defoamers are often used interchangeably. When we dive into details, defoamers make sure the foam knocks down and anti-foams prevent the foam from building up.


The benefits of anti-foams

These anti-foam additives can help you to keep control of your processes. It can prevent hazardous situations in food grade production areas and less output /  production capacity due to a lot of foam. Anti-foams are also effective in preventing cavitation of the pump systems. Anti-foams will prevent dangerous slippery situations in the production plant, reduce waste and can improve production costs.

And you want your processes to be safe and clean. There should be efficient & effective process steps. No malfunctioning or overflowing equipment. Where you can continuously pack, measure volumes and fill on a hygienic food grade level. Create a stable situation by being in control of your foam development.


How does an anti-foam work?

The ideal combination of self-dispersible ingredients will lower the surface tension of the foam lamella and will break the entire foam layer. The speed and time of foam reduction is called knockdown and is accelerated by a polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS and a type of silicone oil).

Depending on the type of starch and/or protein, together with the process, the right product selection can be made of what kind of product is most effective in the application. We strive for maximum effectiveness and create as less handling as possible.


What additives are used?

There are a certain amount of anti-foaming agents for food grade, especially designed for a certain effective temperature range and the final application. Typically, ingredients are combinations of an insoluble part, (like vegetable oils, polydimethylsiloxanes, fatty esters) and the self-dispersible part (like food grade emulsifiers/ surfactants).

At Van Meeuwen, we look into your specific food- and industrial situation.

Should the anti-foam be prioritized by a fast foam knockdown, then we use a polydimethylsoloxane ingredient or by a good durability and persistence of the foam layer, then we use a biological/organic anti-foam product. Or make a combination of both advantages to keep a reliable control of the foam buildup. Therefore a site visit by one of our specialists is recommended and often laboratory tests can give a first impression of how the specific defoamer works.


Organically food processing

Do know that we also have a 100% organic food grade anti-foam additive. Our Foodcare® Antifoam BIO is used for processing sea fruit and the processing of vegetables & potatoes. This product is a SKAL-registered product. On both regulatory and operational level there are some items to take into consideration like the B1 to 4 classification. What about the anti-foam environmental impact or into the water purification process itself, there where polydimethylsiloxanes are not allowed in the application. Check these parameters beforehand in order to avoid possible negative environmental effects.


Our portfolio of food grade anti-foams

Due to many types of food processing, our portfolio has grown through the years to an extensive selection of defoamers. These anti-foams are based on a number of selection criteria. From edible to biodegradable, industry demand is divers. We do also create custom made solutions if existing products are not satisfying.


The best anti-foam agent for food processing

As described above, there is not one product that can solve all foaming issues in the industry. A custom approach is needed to create impact. That’s what makes our work also interesting, we keep learning and developing.


How can we help?

More impact with less. Van Meeuwen would like to help you keeping your foam under control. Different dosing? Other additives? Often a reduction of volumes needed can be realized.

Let’s work together to find out where improvements can be made. We develop and supply our anti-foam products by working closely with European partners. And we are ISO 22000 certified, a quality registration linked to food processing companies.

Please call us: +31 (0) 294 494 460 and of course you can also send an email.