Foam is past tense

Unwanted foam is something that needs to be under control and you don’t want to spend time on it. The risks that can arise with excessive foam are not insignificant. Let Van Meeuwen contribute to this control and, where possible, realise it.

It’s unbelievable how many causes there are of foam formation. This diversity also means that it cannot be combated in only one way. Sometimes it’s better to deal with the surface, but elsewhere you might have to deal with the process water. Knowledge and experience of how to best respond to this is therefore essential.

Which additives can we employ? What is the impact on the water treatment? Are the dosing systems working properly? Many more questions often arise, while you probably only want to be able to produce and operate in knowing the process is under control.

Let’s have a chat and look at the possibilities or look for more info on our special antifoam-website. Click here if you’d like us to get in contact with you.