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Van Meeuwen


At Van Meeuwen, we have an eye for detail; an eye for that one additive which can make all the difference, and the smallest drop of oil into exactly the right place. That is how we have been helping companies to get more out of their machines and products for the past eighty years.

We supply premium lubricants and smart chemicals, and above all the expertise required on how to get the best out of them. This expertise is reflected in the committed on-site work of our technical specialists, our automated lubrication systems, and our training courses. And, of course, our chemical product expertise which we exploit to improve products and production processes. Some practical examples of how we have assisted our clients include foam-free industrial processing of potatoes, plastic cups which do not stick together, and condensation-free packaging for pre-cut vegetables. Solutions which are not always visible in the final products, but always tangible during processing. You can reduce your downtime thanks to proper lubrication, or improve efficiency with qualified experts maintaining your machinery; measurable effects of our expertise, which we are proud of.

Over the course of eight decades, family business Van Meeuwen has grown into an international service provider which adds value in numerous industries, from food to energy, and from offshore to rail transport. This, in turn, brings its own obligations, which is why are continually innovating and investing. We add value as a result of our technology and certification, our respect for health & safety, and the details of our partnerships with our clients. We have the ambition to help them you stay one step ahead of the competition, and we are great believers that attention to the smallest detail can make a big difference.

Van Meeuwen. Improving industries.