About Van Meeuwen

Van Meeuwen has a great eye for detail. It’s how we’ve been helping companies to get more out of their machines, people and products. For over 85 years. We supply high-quality products, but above all, we also have the expertise to help you use them in the best possible way.  This expertise is reflected in the work our technical specialists undertake for clients on site. With a commitment, as though they were employed there themselves.

For almost 90 years, our family business, Van Meeuwen, has grown into an international player that has added value to a wide range of industries. From foodstuffs to energy and from offshore to railways.

This, in turn, brings its own obligations, which is why we are continually innovating and investing. In technology and certifications, in health and safety and in how the partnership with our customers is realised. With the ambition to help them remain one step ahead of their competitors. Based on the belief that with our eye for the smallest detail we can make the biggest difference.

We do this through our two specialisations: