(Refill) Projects

Project-based activities are, for example, lubricant changes, support activities during overhauls or the maintenance of lubrication systems that have to be done once per period.

Work that you’d gladly leave to the specialists. It may simply be that there is no time to carry out the work with your own team. Or also because you know that it has to be done well for the sake of the reliability of the equipment and safety.

When it comes to lubricant changes, these are the main causes and reasons:

Contamination by solid particles
By this we mean iron particles or ambient dirt. With proper venting with ventilation filters, venting plugs and keeping the production and storage environment clean, you can limit the penetration of solid particles. If internal wear occurs, this often acts as a catalyst in the negative sense.

Contamination with moisture
Condensation forms when equipment heats up and cools down again. And of course external water can sometimes reach the oil. With many lubricants, this affects their properties, so it is important to take action and change the lubricant at the right time.

Thermal decomposition and oxidation
As the loading or speed of an application increases, the temperature of the oil also increases. The oil oxidises (ages) faster as the temperature rises. For each 10° Celsius rise in temperature, the oil’s service life is quickly halved. This means that you have to change the oil twice as quickly.

How can you find out what the status of the oil is? By taking oil samples and having them analysed. Do you want tips on taking oil samples, installing aerators on drums or storing the lubricants safely and in a clean space? Or do you want us to come and change the lubricant? Let us know and and we’ll be happy to give an advice.