Van Meeuwen has developed a complete and dynamic lubrication schedule software package, including an app, with which you can optimally plan, perform, register and safeguard the lubrication maintenance:The S)MAXX® lubrication schedule app and software gives you direct insight into the current status of lubrication maintenance by scanning barcodes: all the machines, installations and lubrication points, all the lubricants and lubrication frequencies, all the actions and tasks. It includes a photo and reporting database.

By scanning, lubrication tasks and critical lubrication points are registered, recorded and safeguarded. This gives you up-to-date information and new insights to improve the quality of maintenance and production output.

With a well-designed lubrication schedule, the app provides a flexible and dynamic way of maintaining optimal lubrication: 24 hours a day and always with the current and complete status, planning and safeguarding. As a result, S)MAXX® is highly relevant for individual employees or team members, and the app is therefore part of the fixed equipment used by our specialists.