Storage space

A clean and tidy storage area also helps to minimise the risk of contamination. But how can you keep a storage unit as clean and safe as possible?

  • Check the storage area to see if any dirt, sand, dust or moisture can get into the lubricants
  • Make improvements and take pictures to clearly indicate how it should and shouldn’t be kept
  • Upon receipt, take the lubricants directly to the storage area and place them in the correct coded location
  • Use clearly marked stickers with the product name or code for labelling
  • Before you open the package: Remove dust and dirt from the lid with a soft brush and wipe it with a clean lint-free cloth
  • Never use water to rinse the lid
  • Do not open sealed containers until you are about to use them
  • Ensure that the drums are not left outside and that there is no water, snow, sand, dirt or leaves on them
  • Ensure that the lubricants are stored at a constant and average temperature in between 15-20° Celsius

How do you handle tools and aids to maintain the cleanliness of the lubricant?

  • Immediately attach a lockable drum valve, pump or spout when opening a container for use
  • Do not forget to close packages carefully after use
  • Use aerators in the barrel vent when discharging oil from a barrel tap
  • Convenient and safe: Make sure you have a good fitting follower plate when using a grease drum pump
  • Make sure that tools are always clean
  • Give the tools a recognisable colour label and a fixed place in the storage area