All mechanical components have, in combination with the environmental factors, unique challenges to ensure that their life span is as long as possible. This requires very specific lubricants.

At Van Meeuwen, we always recommend the most suitable lubricant (taking into account an efficient total package, of course). For every machine, installation and component. Not just from a list, but based on the circumstances in which the application is being employed. Where dust, dirt, sand, water, cold or heat and the weight of the load determine the right choice and its success.

Based on our experience, here are the most common applications and the properties that we (must) take into account in order to give you the best advice.

  • Drivetrains (Gearboxes and worm gearboxes)
  • Compressors and vacuum pumps
  • Hydraulic systems
  • Chains
  • Bearings
  • Linear guides
  • Exposed gears
  • Pneumatic systems
  • Steel cables

Drivetrains (Gearboxes and worm gearboxes)

It is important to distinguish between the various types of drivetrains where the right lubricant ensures optimum performance. In worm gears, for example, there are higher sliding speeds than in straight-toothed gears. A lubricant that reduces friction and wear and lowers temperature is always desirable, but what about load capacity? Is there a shocking or percussive load?

A good inventory and the choice of the right lubricant will give you certainty. In this way you not only save on maintenance costs, but you also save energy and can expect a longer service life.

Compressors and vacuum pumps

High temperatures in compressors and vacuum pumps can cause oxidation products to settle in the hottest places and leave a varnish like finish on surfaces. Compressor oil must therefore have a low volatility in order to minimise any oil evaporation. Air almost always contains water vapour, which can condense in the cooler. Lubricants for air compressors must therefore have anti-corrosion properties and be able to adhere well to the running surfaces.

Van Meeuwen supplies a complete range of synthetic lubricants that adhere exceptionally well and reduce wear and tear. No matter what type of compressor or pump is used.

Hydraulic systems

In hydraulic systems, flexible connections are under constant pressure. They can be damaged by mechanical stress and these leaks are difficult to seal (sometimes even resulting in soil contamination). A hydraulic system can only operate properly if good quality hydraulic fluid is used.

Cleanliness is something that is often underestimated. The right viscosity is also important. Not only for optimum lubrication and longer service life of engines, pumps and valves, but also to enable cold start-ups and to prevent leakages and loss of pressure.

Get acquainted with our highly efficient hydraulic lubricants. From oils that perform under extreme conditions to oils that are food and fire safe.


Escalators, conveyors, drivetrains. Where chains are being used, they must continue to function. For as long as possible and under any circumstances. Rolling or sliding friction, both high or low temperatures, corrosion, water, cleaning agents or dust. These are all factors that determine how long a chain will last. Good chain lubrication logically extends the service life of chains.

Whatever type of chain you use and for whatever application, Van Meeuwen will definitely have the right chain lubricant. From fully synthetic to withstand extreme temperatures and loads to products that work well in a dusty or humid environment. And from food-safe to biodegradable.


High speeds, oscillating movements, heavy loads or extreme temperatures. Bearings must continue to operate in a wide range of conditions, preferably in near-silence. The reliability, production continuity and service life of bearings are largely dependent on using the right lubricant.

Van Meeuwen’s high-purity bearing lubricants have been specially developed to give bearings longer performance and are resistant to high temperatures, lye and acids and completely chemically inert. Our specific bearing lubricants minimise friction, breakdowns and wear, reduce lubrication frequency and significantly reduce maintenance and repair costs.

Linear guides

In the world of linear guides, literally everything is in motion. Continuous smooth gliding, without stopping. This means that many kilometres are covered. Non-lubrication or not using the right oils or greases often leads to unexpected malfunctions and breakdowns, especially at high revs. This results in extra wear on the sliding mechanism and the recirculating bearings. Linear guides require lubricants that are low in wear and noise and can withstand high and low speeds, extreme loads and temperature differences.

Exposed gears

Corrosion and rust, dirt that gets in, dust that sticks to it, grease that hardens in the tooth flank or gets washed away. These are all unwelcome situations with open gear lubrication. The correct gear lubrication is therefore very important to keep things running. The right lubricant reduces friction. And that minimises wear and tear and even prevents (micro)pitting.

Our gear lubricants ensure optimum power transmission and protect gears from wear and tear. Less noise is generated and the lubrication frequency can be significantly reduced.

Pneumatic systems

With the right lubricant you can prevent damage and wear to pneumatic seals. Together with Bel-Ray, we have developed special lubricants (also food-safe) for use in air systems. Products that don’t attract dust, that adhere well and don’t get washed away easily. Lubricants that, due to their emulsifying properties, transport moisture out of the system and protect components optimally against corrosion.

Wire Ropes

Hoisting, pulling or hauling. With steel cables, it’s all about the core. A core that needs to be well protected. Not only to cope with extremely high loads. But above all, to extend the service life of the wire ropes.

Our extensive range of wire rope lubricants guarantees optimum lubrication under a wide range of conditions. At high or even very low temperatures? Under dry, dusty or wet conditions, in fresh or salt water? The effect remains the same: our excellently adhering lubricants, with exceptional anti-corrosion properties, penetrate to the core, protecting strands from wear and extending the life of wire ropes. Also available in biodegradable versions.