Training courses

Performing professional lubrication maintenance is a specialisation and requires specific knowledge and personal attention. At Van Meeuwen Education, we provide tailor-made lubrication training courses. For various jobs and roles in technical departments and production departments.

Our focus is on the customer’s requirements. We will work with you in advance to identify which employees need to be trained, what level of knowledge is present, what the exact purpose of the training is and what form the training ultimately takes in practice.

The advantage of our tailor-made lubrication training courses is that they contribute to the success of business operations, the improvement of productivity and the quality and commitment of employees.

The added value of our lubrication training courses remains current, for example, by establishing autonomous maintenance for operators and increasing their level of knowledge, functionality and engagement.

A good practical example of this can be found in the Van Meeuwen-Magazine #3: About how Frisia Zout in Harlingen had its technicians and operators trained by us. Click here for the interview.

At Van Meeuwen, we work every day on what we call ‘lubrication sense’. Because we’re sure it can make a huge impact for you. We’d be delighted to come and discuss it with you.