Van Meeuwen

Lubrication schedules

How does lubrication maintenance contribute to the reliability and maintenance strategy of the assets?

The basis is always a very well-thought-out lubrication schedule. This is not just a list of lubricants with their frequencies. Based on the knowledge and experience of our specialists, we will work together to find out what is the best possible way to organise it, who will be involved and which tool(s) they’ll use. Ensuring that it fits in with the capabilities and needs of the organisation.At Van Meeuwen, we feel that a number of issues relating to lubrication schedules are important. With a lubrication schedule, you can structure, improve and safeguard the entire lubrication maintenance. It offers practical support and continuous up-to-date insight in the preparation, execution and recording of the lubrication activities.

In our opinion, therefore, it should be a dynamic whole and the lubrication schedule should form the basis. Whether it’s in Excel, SAP or other software (or will be), the data must always be correct.