Lubrication schedules

Lubrication schedules for machines

How can you make sure machines will continue running for as long as possible with lubrication maintenance? Of course there are various different lubrication techniques, but one of the most important ones within a maintenance management system is a well thought out lubrication schedule for machines.

S)MAXX-app: From a manual to a digital lubrication schedule

We devote a significant amount of time and attention to preparing a digital lubrication schedule for machines as a completely customised solution. Allowing you to prepare, plan, execute, manage, control and record lubrication activities for reliable maintenance management with our own S)MAXX app and software. So no longer manually and with the added advantage of improved activity safeguarding with respect to ISO, BRC, GMP, AIB, BRZO and HACCP guidelines.

The link to the online database with all current, digital product sheets, safety sheets (and food safety registrations) and the lubricants from Van Meeuwen’s extensive portfolio used is also a handy solution.

Preventative machine maintenance

A lubrication schedule for machines also needs to be dynamic, making sure you can practically respond to situations on a daily and preventative manner and not just periodically. For example when new machines are installed, when lubricants are replaced, or when operating hours change.

The benefits of a maintenance management system

It’s important that a lubrication schedule as a maintenance management system provides you with up-to-date information and new insights for strategies to improve maintenance. But also that it becomes a checklist for viewing historical data. With the advantage of being able to better prepare yourself for activities, plan and record more efficiently and manage more effectively.

Applications for preventative machine maintenance

As an added value to our lubrication schedules, we always try to indicate as many lubrication points as possible for all applications. Making sure it becomes a completely customised solution for preventative lubrication maintenance. We have asked our own lubrication schedule specialists about their ideas about the added value which a Van Meeuwen lubrication schedule represents:

  • What about the available manuals and the existing lubrication schedule?
  • Is this number of lubrication points in line with practice and the new schedule you’ve included?

Sven De Wilde (Specialist in Belgium):

“It’s often difficult to find information for old machines. This often results in me finding 50 to 75% more lubrication points than have been recorded. Machine builders don’t always include certain parts as wear and tear parts while we include everything.”

Willem Maalcke (Specialist in Southern and Central Netherlands)

“The existing lubrication schedule is often brief. Unfortunately with no information about oil changes or preventative oil sampling. Which is something we always include. Irrespective of whether it concerns new machines or existing ones.”

Johan van Essen (Specialist for the Netherlands and Belgium)

“It’s important for us to also include operating hours, lubrication frequencies, inaccessible lubrication points and walking routes. This will naturally depend on whether we can get to

the machine and whether manuals, reference numbers or maps are available.”

Marcel van Kooten (Specialist in Northern Netherlands)

“I regularly need to include lubrication points based on experience. Taking into account how old the machine is, how high the temperatures are and how heavy the load is. This will often involve plenty of phone calls and emails with suppliers. But a lubrication schedule will lose a huge amount of its value without this information.”

Questions about our lubrication schedules and associated maintenance solutions?

Do you have any questions about our lubrication schedules for machines? Then do call or email us via the contact details below. We’d be happy to advise you about our maintenance solutions.