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Royal Purple Biomax, for saving the environment, wear and costs

Royal Purple Biomax™ Oil is a biodegradable synthetic lubricant with an extremely high lubricating film strength, specially developed for heavy-duty hydraulic systems and drivetrains. The oil can be used in environmentally critical applications, even in the most sensitive ecosystems.

For this, the Synerlec® additive technology is used to form a thicker and extremely strong lubricating film that effectively prevents metal-to-metal contact. The Extreme Pressure properties prevent wear under very heavy loads. The optimum adhesion of Biomax™ to surfaces ensures that rust and corrosion are prevented.

The revolutionary formulation of Biomax™ makes the oil is unaffected by the presence of water (no hydrolysis). Water can easily be drained when stationary. Royal Purple Biomax™ EAL Hydraulic Oil and Royal Purple Biomax™ EAL Gear Oil are EU Ecolabel certified and meet the requirements of Vessel General Permit (VGP) 2013.

EU Ecolabel and the Vessel General Permit (VGP) 2013

The EU Ecolabel is the European environmental certification mark for non-food products and services, with the aim of stimulating more sustainable production and consumption. The certification mark is recognized by all countries of the European Union. The EU Ecolabel indicates production from a sustainable source with a lower environmental impact of raw materials, energy, water, harmful substances, waste and packaging. Ships and other vessels when entering American waters are required by law to use lubricants according to the VGP Compliant Act. These lubricants fulfill the limits of biodegradation, toxicity and bioaccumulation.

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