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Optimal wire rope lubrication For all types and under all conditions

Van Meeuwen speaks from experience. Leading companies in the offshore, dredging, port, lifting and crane sectors make frequent use of wire rope lubricants from Van Meeuwen under the most diverse operating conditions. From hoisting and pulling to stationary applications, with more environmentally friendly or non-toxic lubricants, under water, under high loads or in dusty conditions.

For hoisting and towing
Green Point Biodegradable Wire Rope Lubricant
Immediately penetrates to the core
■ Offers optimal protection against wear and corrosion
■ No accumulation on the wire rope sheaves due to good penetration and adhesion
■ Transparent and therefore easy to inspect
■ Impermeable to water and cannot wash off
■ Does not adhere sand, dirt or dust
■ Due to water displacement properties also applicable on wet cables
■ Spray, brush or lubricator applicable

For rust-sensitive dusty conditions
Green Point Biodegradable Multi Purple Purpose Lubricant & Penetrant
■ Prevents wear due to very strong lubricating film
■ Penetrates to the inside of the cable
■ Does not adhere dirt and prevents corrosion
■ Displaces water and dissolves rust
■ Cleans metal surfaces and repels dirt at the same time
■ Even with heavy loads
■ Applicable by spraying

For severe outdoor environments
Green Point Wire Rope Coating Grease 0 or 2
■ With a full scope of penetrating, lubrication and protection whilst being environmental friendly
■ Specially formulated as an EAL, EPA 2013 VGP (Vessel General Permit)
■ To operate in severe outdoor environments
■ To withstand corrosion in high performance industrial applications where environmental exposure is a cause for concern
■ Applicable in a wide range of temperatures
■ Extreme mechanical and oxidative stable
■ Highly water resistant
■ Providing a long lifetime
■ Applicable by lubricator or brush

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