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Topical Chemicals

A lot of things happen on a daily basis. In terms of development and events, for example. Van Meeuwen works together with various media and network platforms in order to contact the relevant parties in the market.


Film & Sheet extrusion is a digital magazine that is specifically written for plastics extrusion companies producing film, foil and sheet products. It covers the latest extruders, dies, downstream equipment, winders and materials handling systems as well as innovations in LDPE, LLDPE, PP, PET, PS, PMMA, PC, bioplastics, barrier materials and other relevant polymers and additives. Film and Sheet Extrusion is a digital magazine from Applied Market Information that is specially published for plastic extrusion companies that produce film, foil and sheet products worldwide.






Plastic Recycling World is a digital magazine written exclusively for the global plastics recycling supply chain and distributed electronically to a global audience of 18,473 key decision makers. The magazine can be accessed free-of-charge online and delivers relevant and up-to-date information on the most important technical developments, market trends, business news, and legislative announcements affecting the world’s plastics recycling industry. These global databases include key purchasers of plastics recycling systems, reprocessing machinery, compounding plant, additives and related services.





Biogas-E is is the platform for the implementation of anaerobic digestion in Flanders. It is an independent knowledge center for all aspects of anaerobic digestion: technological, economic, legislative, social, ecological. Biogas-E reaches its audience through the distribution of newsletters, magazines, progress reports and publication of articles on its own website. The most important statistics, such as the number of biogas plants, the amount of green electricity production and the amount of green heat production, are discussed.

Every eighteen months, Biogas-E organizes the Flemish Fermentation Forum and Biogas-E tries to bring together operators, suppliers, governments, students and other interested parties through lesson evenings and excursions. Biogas-E stimulates technological innovation within the sector by coordinating and participating in various research projects. Based on knowledge and experience, Biogas-E also tries to inform the government in an objective manner to stimulate the development of anaerobic digestion in Flanders.


The Environmental Guide is the most widely used environmental manual in Belgium and the most consulted environmental and industrial website. The manual and the website are based on different segments that all deal with the environment: water, soil, waste and recycling, air, energy, noise and general services. For each segment, each company can present its specialization in a section with a company profile and an addition of editorial text.