Anti-fog agent for plastic sheet

Creating solutions together for your process and packaging is what we aim for. With anti-condensation coatings we create an anti-fog solution to prevent the droplets of moisture disturbing the view.

Fogging most commonly occurs when there is a temperature difference between the inside and the outside of an enclosed atmosphere causing localised cooling at the interface. Van Meeuwen helps you create a clear sheet that is less sensitive for fogging to make customers and consumers happy.

Examples, where our anti-fog agents are applied, are cake boxes, sushi boxes and vegetable packaging and blisters, that due to cooling down (refrigeration) and heating up are bothered with condense.

The benefits of anti-fog coatings for plastics

Our Foodcare® Anti-fog agents for plastic prevent fogging on the surface of the extruded sheet, and thermoformed packaging, and make product presentation crystal-clear visible. The condensed water droplets spread easily into a continuous and uniform visible layer. Often only a small quantity is required within the production process.

What is the anti-fog process? Wetting and hydrophilicity

Anti-fogging performance hinges on two chemical capabilities: wetting and hydrophilicity, the degree to which a molecule is compatible with water. Water ordinarily condenses on a surface as tiny droplets. These refract light in such a way that you can’t easily see through the surface. But if the surface is treated with an anti-fog solution, you get a significantly different picture. It proves itself.

The anti-fog agent is hydrophilic, so they dissolve in the water droplets. And as they do, they lower the surface tension of the droplets. Droplets spread across the surface, forming one continuous film. This film refracts light the same way as dry surface would.

Food safety and registration

Foodcare® agents are in line with the EU Directive Regulation (EU) No 231/2012 of 9 March 2012 laying down specifications for food additives. A copy of the statement is on request available. Our Foodcare® Anti-fog agents are in accordance with the EU Directive Regulation (EU) No. 10/2011 of January 14, 2011 and its amendments, plastic materials and articles, intended to come into contact with food. The products that we use have the right registrations and a copy of the composition list is available on request.

Application of anti-fog coatings:

The specialty fluids are applied via coating stations like rotor spray systems and kiss-roll applications.

Food packaging as a focus

Food packaging is the solution to reduce food waste and present the food in an attractive manner. The portfolio additives of Van Meeuwen consist of several proven products with a worldwide presence under the brand name Foodcare®, both silicone and non-silicone based. For situations where existing products are not the right fit, we create customized solutions together with our customers. The focus can be on certain polymers, certain quality improvements, durability or process efficiencies.

Better clarity

Manufacturing products with plastics is like playing with molecules. The aim is to reorganize these molecules into new shapes without changing colours or coming up against anything else that could spoil the finished product. Additives can resolve several problems, and in fact processing plastics without them is virtually impossible. Our range of anti-fog additives helps packaging keep its appearance clear.

Related Foodcare® solutions

Anti-block or anti-static additives are other product lines within the Foodcare® portfolio. Van Meeuwen offers different types and kinds of chemistry in order to respond to the challenges of our customers.

Within Van Meeuwen we will always try to find the optimum solution that fits with your requirements and situation. Less use of additives, less handling, realizing maximum performance.

Are you curious of what we can achieve together, feel free to reach out and talk with our specialists to investigate the potential. You can call us or fill out the contact form below.