Anti-block agent for plastic sheet

Anti-block agent reduces the friction between packages so that they can be easily separated from each other. It also ensures that exactly one cup or tray is picked up at automated filling lines. With anti-block and slip additives you can immediately improve the production process of plastic packaging.

Creating solutions together for your process and plastic products is what we aim for. On the level of slip agents, creating a deblocking effect on plastic sheet.

Anti-block agents require a number of properties, of which most important creating a lower coefficient of friction (CoF). When applied for food packaging, food safety and the right registrations are paramount. But of course no staining and great visibility is key to have your customers happy.

Our expertise covers a range of technologies and processes, which enables us to work with our customers to create new and innovative products which result in differentiation within the markets we serve. Several types of anti-static, denesting and anti-fogging agents are based on functional chemicals and masterbatch additives, which are successfully used in plastic extruded rigid sheets, thermoformed trays, containers and food packaging.

Fluids and anti- block Masterbatch additives

Van Meeuwen has originally specialised in specialty fluids, but also has a number of anti-block masterbatch solutions in portfolio.
Specialty fluids have proven to be the best solution in cost-performance and are in line with the EU Directive Regulation (EU) No 10/2011 and its amendments, plastic materials and items intended to come into contact with food. Also available with a ‘Dual use additive status’, authorised at the same time as food ingredients. Specialty fluids are dedicated to coating stations like rotor spray systems and kiss-roll applications.

Anti-slip additive

The portfolio of Van Meeuwen consists of several proven products with a worldwide presence under the brand name Foodcare®, both silicone and non-silicone based. For situations where existing products don’t fit, we create customized solutions together with our customers. The focus can be on certain polymers, certain quality improvements, durability or process efficiencies. Food packaging is the solution to reduce food waste and present the food in an attractive manner.

Easier to process

Manufacturing products with plastics is like playing with molecules. The aim is to reorganize these molecules into new shapes without changing colors, suffering problems with adhesion to molds, or coming up against anything else that could spoil the finished product. Additives help resolve all these problems, and in fact processing plastics without them is virtually impossible. Our range of anti-block additives help production processes run more smoothly.

Related solutions for food packaging

Anti-fog or anti-static are other product lines within the Foodcare® portfolio. Van Meeuwen offers different types and kinds of chemistry in order to respond to the challenges of our customers.

Within Van Meeuwen we will always try to find the optimum solution that fits with your requirements and situation. Less use of additives, less handling, realizing maximum performance.

Are you curious of what we can achieve together, feel free to reach out and talk with our specialists to investigate the potential.