van Meeuwen

Van Meeuwen is celebrating its 85th anniversary!

February 1934, a cold winter month. It’s now been 85 years since Han van Meeuwen decided to found the ‘Van Meeuwen’s Smeerolie Industrie – de Drie Tonnen’ company. The third generation is now at the helm. Rogier van Meeuwen embarked on ‘the road to the 100th anniversary’ last year.

Back in the day we started out with just a few lubricants for cars and motorbikes, but our company is now specialised in two B2B fields: Lubrication and Chemicals. We want to distinguish ourselves in both fields through knowledge and quality.

Three generations Van Meeuwen, from left to right: Han, Frank and current Managing Director Rogier.

Van Meeuwen Lubrication contributes to our Dutch and Belgian customers’ reliable assets with our lubrication speciality and take responsibility for ensuring the Total Cost of Ownership is reduced. We provide customers with advice as to how they can deal with their lubrication maintenance most effectively and can actually take care of this for them too. We also provide both external and internal lubrication training courses.

We can also realise impact with our specialist lubricants. A simple change to the right product can already make an enormous difference. We use our total concept to take companies from their current situation to the required situation of reliability on rotating equipment and subsequently make sure that’s where they stay.

Van Meeuwen Chemicals is active worldwide with special process additives. These products are used in real niche markets. For example, we work with companies which extrude plastic sheets, which will ultimately be turned into food packaging. We make sure our customers can give this packaging the right properties during their production process. You will find our coating on many of the packaging you’ll see in supermarkets!

We are also active in the fantastic world of foam in production and processing. Our team is actually responsible for ensuring the foam disappears as quickly as possible, but we prefer to prevent this altogether.

Various different industrial processes create undesirable foam formation. This includes, for example, the processing (washing) of potatoes. But each and every process is unique. It’s absolutely essential to thoroughly investigate the situation together with the customer, in full knowledge of the facts.

We will always work on improving ourselves, in order to successfully continue to grow and to constantly develop new solutions together with our customers. That’s certainly something we work on with a huge amount of passion!