van Meeuwen


As of 1 January 2018, Rogier van Meeuwen (33) will succeed his father Frank van Meeuwen (67) as the Managing Director of Van Meeuwen Industries BV and its affiliated companies in the Netherlands.

Rogier is also taking over responsibilities as the formal Business Manager and Director of the Belgian entities that are based in Antwerp.

Van Meeuwen was established in 1934 and has been led by Frank van Meeuwen as its Managing Director for more than 40 years, providing growth and continuity to create a great family company. Frank will remain active as Chair of the Advisory Board as of January.

Rogier has worked at Van Meeuwen since 2010, knows the company through and through, and will become the 3rd generation to manage the specialist in high-grade lubricants, lubrication maintenance and surface-active chemicals that optimise production processes and end products.

The change of managing director will not involve any substantial changes to the strategy of the companies. The focus will remain on strengthening and expanding the market position and collaboration with customers, partners and suppliers with the goal of providing added value by supplying innovative custom solutions while continuing to improve the quality, safety (including food safety), continuity and efficiency in production processes and end products.

Rogier: “I am proud of what my father has built together with our employees, and I am very much looking forward to leading Van Meeuwen through its 100-year anniversary with our whole team.”