van Meeuwen

New company name & new company identity

Smeerbeheer (lubrication management), smeertechniek (lubrication technology) and smeerkunde (lubrication science), all true concepts in the Netherlands, but indescribable in other countries. The internationalization which has taken place during the past decades has prompted us to both renew our corporate identity and to include the Lubrication Management, Lubrication Technology and Lubrication Science ascriptions with effect from 1st January 2015.

The Van Meeuwen Group now is Van Meeuwen Industries. We have adjusted our logo in line with current times and our slogan states exactly what we do: Improving Industries.

Here you’ll find all the innovations at a glance, but nothing will change for you: you will still continue to receive the familiar quality and service you have grown to expect from us.

Our Dutch labels:

  • Van Meeuwen Smeertechniek B.V.   >  Van Meeuwen Lubrication B.V.
  • Van Meeuwen Smeerbeheer B.V.     >  Van Meeuwen Services B.V.
  • Van Meeuwen Chemicals B.V.          >  Van Meeuwen Chemicals B.V.
  • Van Meeuwen Smeerkunde B.V.      >  Van Meeuwen Education B.V.

Our Belgium labels:

  • Van Meeuwen Special Lubricants N.V.  >   Van Meeuwen Lubrication N.V.
  • Van Meeuwen Smeerbeheer B.V.B.A.   >   Van Meeuwen Services B.V.B.A.