van Meeuwen

S-MAXX® lubrication schedule app


Which machine should be lubricated, and when, and with which product? When should you refill or replace oil? Are you notified automatically when it’s time to take an oil sample? Van Meeuwen’s S-MAXX® lubrication scheduling app provides you with constant updates on lubrication, allowing you to plan your lubrication ideally. It will also inform you immediately about your compliance with HACCP, ISO, BRC and IFS standards and guidelines. Smart. e-Prevent® is pretty smart, too. It is a useful tool to check oil quality, prevent wear and breakdowns, and realise substantial savings.


  • Easy digital processing of lubrication tasks.
  • Direct insight into the current state of lubrication maintenance.
  • Status review per machine
  • Direct insight into all activities via personal online portal