van Meeuwen



Preventive maintenance is the best way to keep your machinery operational for as long as possible at the lowest cost. However, what do you have to take into account? e-Prevent® allows you to measure everything you need to plan your maintenance as efficiently and practically as possible. It means you can enjoy high reliability of your machinery as well as substantial savings. You can use the e-Prevent® Sampling Kit or e-Prevent® Sampling Case to take oil samples. Then you receive a report from an independent laboratory and our best advice via your own service portal. With this information, you can compile your own valuable database, allowing you to rapidly check the condition of your machinery. And if a sample is rejected, a lubricant change task can be created automatically in the S-MAXX® lubrication schedule.


  • Oil sample analysis: provides direct insight into the condition of lubricants and wear of machine parts, and prevents expensive repairs.
  • Vibration analysis: prevents damage and downtime with vulnerable machines
  • Ultrasonics: makes friction in technical tools audible and detects damage rapidly in order to determine lubrication intervals and lubricant consumption
  • Infrared imaging: detects hotspots in order to indicate the ideal lubricant