van Meeuwen

Lubrication inspection


During a lubrication inspection, we check for any issues concerning lubrication maintenance, and we really do mean any issues. We take a close look at your maintenance programme and lubrication assignments, as well as the organisation and execution of lubrication, health & safety requirements and assurance. We check the level of training and expertise of technical staff, and the condition and storage of lubricants and tools. Documentation, safety sheets and the disposal of used lubricants are also covered. However, this is more than outweighed by the benefits; you are presented with a solid action plan to improve your lubrication maintenance and make clear savings. For regular inspections, we would be glad to agree a subscription price.


  • Direct insight into all possible savings and improvements, plus a specific action plan.
  • Proven effect: improved availability of your machinery, lower costs of lubrication maintenance and avoidance of lubrication risks
  • Special lubrication point analysis for the food industry; safeguarding risks in your HACCP system