van Meeuwen

Complete peace of mind


Lubrication is a craft, and our core business. It is an area where we can offer you complete peace of mind by putting our expertise to work for you, and allow you to get on with running your business. Are you behind with your lubrication maintenance? Do you think it could be more efficient? More and more companies choose to outsource their maintenance and lubrication management to Van Meeuwen’s Service Engineers, either completely or on a project basis. It means that your lubrication maintenance is taken care of properly, and you can concentrate on running your business.


  • Setting targets and methods in advance
  • Lubrication maintenance according to our quality system, where health & safety, quality and reporting are safeguarded.
  • S-MAXX® lubrication schedule app for a real-time overview of maintenance status
  • e-Prevent® oil sampling method
  • Suggestions for improvements in the areas of technology, the environment, hygiene, health & safety and food safety.
  • If preferred, project-based maintenance if you do not have the time yourself