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Your employees are very valuable to you, because they are the ones who keep your business going. It is, therefore, important that your employees learn the essentials of lubrication maintenance of your machinery and components. Van Meeuwen Education provides practical on-site training courses, as well as various eLearning options. These are theoretical courses which your employees can follow when needed, where and when they want, at home or at work; all that is needed is a simple on-line connection.


  • Your employees become capable of carrying out lubrication maintenance of your machines themselves.
  • They prepare their work rigorously, and respect health & safety and hygiene regulations
  • They work efficiently and effectively with a lubrication schedule and lubrication tasks
  • They know everything required about the different lubricants and their characteristics
  • They apply the correct lubricant with the right tools
  • They take care of the neat and tidy storage of lubricants
  • They contribute to the success of your business operations and productivity improvements as part of Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)

Training overview

Courses in tribology theory

1.1. level 1 (basic) for technicians
1.2. level 2 (advanced) for technicians
1.3. level 1 (basic) TPM for operators

Courses in food-grade lubrication theory

2.1. level 1 (basic) for technicians
2.2. level 2 (advanced) for technicians
2.3. level 1 (basic) TPM for operators

Courses in practical lubrication maintenance

3.1. level 1 (basic) for technicians
3.2. level 2 (advanced) for technicians
3.3. level 1 (basic) TPM for operators

Courses in practical food-grade lubrication

4.1. level 1 (basic) for technicians
4.2. level 2 (advanced) for technicians
4.3. level 1 (basic) TPM for operators