van Meeuwen

Hydraulic systems


In hydraulic systems, flexible connections are under constant pressure. They can become damaged by mechanical loads; the resulting leaks are difficult to repair, and may even cause soil contamination. A hydraulic system can only operate properly if good quality hydraulic fluid is used. Many underestimate the importance of purity, and correct viscosity is also vital. These factors are essential for proper lubrication and extending the lifespan of engines, pumps and valves, as well as enabling cold starts and preventing leakage and suction loss. Our wide range of highly-efficient hydraulic lubricants can respond to all your needs, whether you are looking for fluids which perform under extreme conditions or food-grade non-flammable fluids.


  • Extended engine, pump, valve and cylinder lifespan
  • Fewer oil changes
  • Less friction, wear and downtime
  • Safe for the environment, people and animals
  • Savings in time, energy and costs