van Meeuwen

Compressors & vacuum pumps


High temperatures in compressors and vacuum pumps can cause oxidation products to adhere to the hottest regions and turn into a lacquer-like film. Because of this, compressor oil has to have low volatility to keep evaporation losses to a minimum. Air almost always contains water vapour which can condense in the cooler, so air compressor lubricants must have anti-corrosive characteristics and be able to adhere properly to contact surfaces. Van Meeuwen supplies a complete range of synthetic lubricants suitable for all types of compressor or pump, which reduce wear and have exceptional adhesive characteristics. That’s what we call performing under pressure!


  • Extended compressors and vacuum pump lifespan
  • Prevent lubrication problems without fuss
  • Less friction, wear and failures
  • Reduced consumption of lubricants
  • Less maintenance and repairs
  • Savings in time, energy and costs