van Meeuwen



Bearings have to work under all kinds of conditions which might involve high speeds, oscillating movements, heavy loads or extreme temperatures, and they are also expected to be silent at the same time. The reliability, production continuity and service life of bearings are largely dependent on using the right lubricant. Van Meeuwen’s extremely pure bearing lubricants were specially developed to make bearings last longer, and are resistant to high temperatures, lye and acids, or chemically inert. Our speciality lubricants minimise friction, breakdowns and wear, ensure longer lubrication intervals and reduce maintenance and repair costs considerably.


  • Extended bearing lifespan
  • Longer lubrication intervals or maintenance-free
  • Protection against dust, sand, dirt and water
  • Reduced consumption of lubricants
  • Large selection of conventional, food-grade and bio-degradable lubricants
  • Savings in time, energy and costs