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As a partner of the chemical giant, Momentive, Van Meeuwen has been active in interesting niches sectors for many years. Consumers often don’t realise what was required for such products and what is needed for their production. Momentive’s specialty additives are used in coatings, lubricants, detergents, leather, injection moulding, foam control and much more. Highlighted below are their top quality product categories: release agents, water repellants and foam control.

Release Agents

Momentive’s silicone release agents serve as process aids for molding thermoplastics and synthetic rubbers. For plastic film processing and rubber parts, their silicone slip or antiblocking agents can provide critical properties that prevent the films and rubber parts from sticking to themselves and enable easy mold release. Their release and slip agents support the production of numerous products, including thermoplastic parts, food packages, rubber parts, die-cast aluminum and magnesium parts, tires, and O-rings. Combine this with unique properties, for example a release agent for rubber that is water dispensable and you have an additive that can enhance your product properties.

Complete mold coverage is essential for good release, especially for complex molds. Durability is also important, as more durable release agents help to minimize reapplication, cutting both material costs and downtime between part molds. Explore the possibilities with Van Meeuwen and Momentive.
Ask us your questions regarding release agents or visit Momentive for their complete product line. See below our Momentive product in the spotlight:

  • Magnasoft 2059

A versatile and economical choice, Magnasoft 2059 textile softener generally adds a smooth, slick feel and soft hand to nearly any type of fabric. It typically cures to produce a slick elastomeric film as soon as water evaporates, without the need for a catalyst. Generally a cost-effective softener, Magnasoft 2059 textile softener having strong film forming properties will perfectly fit into semi-permanent release agent for rubber and polyurethane.

Water Repellents

Momentive’s water-repellent silicones allow textiles and leathers to feature both a soft feel and water repellency, and building materials to extend their useful lifetime in the face of weather and other detrimental water exposure. Their scientists continue to build upon the already effective hydrophobic performance found in their brands that feature water-repellent grades, including Magnasoft,* Formasil* and Silquest* product lines. Water-repellent silicone additives from Momentive may help to enhance the penetration and duration of water repellency while maintaining or improving other consumer-recognized benefits in the goods they treat. Key benefits of Momentive’s water repellents are that their repellents are water dispensable. Furthermore, they have a repellent for any substrate.

Some offerings also produce superior water repellency without fluorine-based chemicals. They can replace regulated or banned water-repellent chemicals while maintaining very high standards of water repellency. Explore Momentive’s water-repellent silicones engineered for your end products. Ask us your questions regarding water repellants or visit Momentive for their complete product line. See below our Momentive product in the spotlight:

  • TP3207

TP-3207 is an emulsion of a silicone hydride that can chemically react on to surfaces providing a permanent’ release coating. TP-3207 can also be used in combination with silanol to create a branched, cured coating that is even more durable.

Foam Control

Foam forms when a gas is dispersed and stabilized in a liquid. The resulting mass of bubbles can continue to grow rapidly if left untreated. Foam typically occurs in blending, mixing, distillation, fermentation, filtration and filling processes. While mechanical processes can control foaming, chemical agents can be more versatile, effective and economical. Momentive’s foam control solutions may offer the advantages of dispersing readily, leaving no substantial residue or odor, and meeting relevant regulatory requirements.

Momentive’s extensive portfolio of silicone-based antifoam agents, help minimize foaming issues for many industries. Their products support foam mitigation for applications in the food and beverage, chemical, plastics, pulp and paper, water treatment, coatings, oil and gas, metalworking, construction, and mining industries. Furthermore they are also water dispensable and are also effective at high temperature. Explore the possibilities with Van Meeuwen and Momentive. Ask us your questions regarding foam control or visit Momentive for their complete product line of foam control products. See below our Momentive products in the spotlight:

  • Sagtex PHD

A high-performance antifoam emulsion available for multiple uses in the textile industry, SagTex PhD silicone antifoam typically imparts tough durability to treated textiles in both acidic and alkaline environments. The product generally creates exceptional durability at low add-on levels, and performs effectively at much lower use levels than other silicone antifoams on the market. SagTex PhD silicone antifoam features rapid foam knockdown, and can provide superior foam control at both ambient and elevated (high) temperatures. Use of the product typically creates no oily residue or agglomerates when diluted in water.

  • Sagtex DSA

SagTex DSA silicone antifoam is a medium-viscosity, highly potent antifoam emulsion that offers excellent foam control in high-temperature, surfactant-rich systems. Noted for its rapid foam knockdown and durability, it also has been shown to inhibit foam over long periods of time. SagTex DSA silicone antifoam easily disperses in all foam systems, as well as in hard water. When the product is diluted in water, no oily spots or lumps are created. It is highly effective in a variety of textile processes including sizing, scouring, printing and finishing.

Van Meeuwen is the distributor of Momentive products for the Netherlands. If your company is not located in the Netherlands, you can find your local distributor of Momentive products here.